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Florida Residents CNG Survey -
Please spread the word about this survey!

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Thank you for completing the survey below.  Your information will be kept private and will NOT be shared outside of Wise Gas, Inc. 

This information is being compiled to better identify CNG demand in the state of Florida and assist Wise Gas, Inc. in meeting the needs of Florida residents who have a desire to access Compressed Natural Gas public stations, vehicles and vehicle conversions.  Your e-mail address will become part of a private file that will allow Wise Gas to notify you in the event that demand results in a public CNG station near you. 


Statistical information that does NOT include your name or contact information will be shared with appropriate parties to demonstrate area demand as necessary.

Your participation in this survey will NOT result in you being spammed or subscribed to an e-mail list.  Our Newsletter E-mail list is available on the home page of this website (click our logo) and is entirely separate.

By submitting your information below, you are helping Wise Gas and Florida residents make a solid case for CNG. 

Please spread the word to your friends, co-workers, neighbors and colleagues and request that they also visit this page and complete the survey below

The larger the response, the better likelihood of significant advances in Public Access CNG in your neighborhood soon!


Wise Gas, Inc.'s Florida Residents Survey

Your First Name:               Your Last Name:          

E-mail address:            

City of Residence:             County of Residence:  

City of Employment:   

Do you presently own a vehicle that runs on Compressed Natural Gas?   Yes   No

Are you interested in purchasing a vehicle that runs on Compressed Natural Gas if a Public Station is available nearby?   Yes   No
(Either dedicated CNG or bi-fuel (CNG & gasoline))

Are you interested in converting your existing vehicle(s) to run on CNG (either dedicated CNG or bi-fuel) if a Public Station is available nearby?    Yes   No

If yes to the above question, what vehicle(s) would you be interested in converting?

Vehicle #1 Year:    Vehicle #1 Make:    Vehicle #1 Model: 

Vehicle #2 Year:    Vehicle #2 Make:    Vehicle #1 Model: 

Any comments or questions you would like to share with us?

Please click Submit to send your information to Wise Gas, Inc.