Wise Gas, Inc. Newsletter
September 15, 2009 Edition

Company News

With the bulk of summer days behind us, Wise Gas, Inc. is entering our busy season once again!

Here is a brief overview of what's going on in the Wise Gas office:

  • The Wise Gas, Inc. website underwent an "extreme makeover" and was released to the cyber-world on September 11th in tribute to the men & women of September 11th.  We'd love to hear your feedback on the site and invite you to read our 9/11 tribute page.  With over 50 pages of information - growing daily! - we feel strongly that our website is better suited to educate and inform our readers.
  • Be sure to listen to our very own Jeff Greene on internet radio tomorrow (September 16th) at 2 pm EDT.  Go here and click on Blog Talk Radio to hear Jeff and Go Green with Greene!
  • Wise Gas is busily working with the Clean Cities Coalitions in the State of Florida and is working to expand the coalitions across the state.  The first meeting of the Big Bend Clean Cities Coalition, located in Tallahassee, FL. was held on August 21, 2009 and the second meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 18th at the Tallahassee Community College.
  • Wise Gas is working hard in preparation for November's Living Green Fair - more details can be found here.
  • We are hard at work in the planning stages of a statewide CNG Vehicle tour in November to include a Bi-Fuel Ford Focus, the Honda Civic GX and a CNG Metro Transit Bus by Foton.  Look for more details soon!
  • The first planned Wise Gas public access CNG station in partnership with Alternative Fuel Management (to be located in Fort Lauderdale, FL) is solidly in the permitting phase and we hope to see significant progress in the coming weeks!
  • A private CNG station to be located in Central Florida is pending funding from stimulus dollars.
  • A very special Wise Gas media event is in the heart of the planning stages and we anticipate an exciting announcement in the coming weeks ahead!  While it would be premature to spoil the surprise, we can tell you that there is a major "hint" located solidly on the home page of our website (pssst!....check the top left corner!)


Industry News
  • The Living Green Fair is approaching - and still in need of exhibitors and sponsors.  Visit their website and be sure to attend!
  • The US Department of Energy announced $300 million in grants across the nation to reduce petroleum usage.  Despite have 6 separate grants in submission, the state of Florida was entirely shut out.  If you aren't angry about this, you aren't paying attention!  One widespread belief is that the "demand" for alternative fuel is not strong in Florida.  We need YOU to prove otherwise.  Contact your local and state politicians and let them know alternative fuels are important to you!


Foreign Oil Dependency

The problem is not just going away...

August Statistics:

  • Barrels of Oil Imported by the U.S.:  355 million
  • % Imported from Foreign Countries: 60%
  • Money Sent Overseas:  $25.2 Billion

What would the American economy look like if $25 Billion per month was being spent on a clean and domestic fuel that cost consumers 30-50% less per gallon/gallon equivalent?  Would jobs be more plentiful?  Would the average household budget be more manageable?  Would national air quality be improved?

Don't just read this...think about how YOU can act upon it.  The largest obstacle today to plentiful alternative fuels is a misguided belief that YOU (the consumer) aren't interested.  Let the world know otherwise!


Your September Mission (If You Choose to Accept It)

Florida Residents:  Log on to our website and take a BRIEF survey on CNG.  Your information will be kept private, but statistical data will be used to help drive the need for public access CNG stations and vehicles in your area!

Spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues - ask them to take our Florida Residents Survey as well (and possibly join our mailing list?) - you can start by forwarding this e-mail to someone you know and ask them to check it out and spread the word!