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Who We Are:

If the company name (Wise Gas) caused you to do a double-take, then make no mistake:  you read it correctly and the "joke" is absolutely intentional.  Prior to the official launch of operations in July 2008, we quickly identified the challenges that lay before us and realized that it was going to take tireless campaigning, endless hours of work, a strong backbone and one heck of a sense of humor to make any progress.

Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel is not a "new" technology, although it has been improved upon over the years - it's domestic, affordable and clean...so, why are the people not demanding it?

Because "habit" keeps allowing us to make the same mistakes over and over again...

It's simple enough to convince the average person that CNG makes sense, so why is it so difficult to get people to take it seriously?

Hence, the "unofficial" company tagline:  Wise Gas:  We'll Take Our Corporate Image Seriously When You Do.

Wise Gas, Inc. officially began operations in 2008 as a woman-owned small business with a vision of providing an alternative fuel choice - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).   After paying the high gasoline prices of 2008, a chance encounter combined with the frustration of high oil prices drew our attention to compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel and the first (and obvious) questions was:  Why isn't everyone doing this?  (We still wonder...)

We began to research, ask questions and worked to understand the dynamics.  We aligned ourselves with professionals who have spent decades in the industry and we relentlessly pursued every aspect of the concept.  We set a record for meetings held and conference calls dialed, working all hours - we knocked on the door of anyone and everyone that we believed could help.  (We became renowned as the home of the 4 am emails in part due to the facts that our partner, customers and colleagues quickly realized we were answering and writing emails at 4:00 in the morning...)  We formed strategic partnerships with experts in the industry, such as TECO Peoples Gas, the Clean Cities Coalitions and many more.

Within only months we had earned a reputation for working around the clock and accomplishing more in the course of the average day than some people manage in a month.  Our goal was to make sure that the name Wise Gas was immediately associated with Compressed Natural Gas and to a large extent, we accomplished that in a matter of months.

Our team consists of all the key components necessary to forge ahead and emerge as a strong cornerstone of the development of Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel across the nation.  The Wise Gas, Inc. family is comprised of grant writers, engineers, mechanics, technicians and more.  Whatever the challenge, we believe we possess the team, the drive, the partnerships and the knowledge to accomplish it.


What We Are Doing:

Over the last year, gas prices have made wild swings in price, our trade deficit has increased and our economy has faltered.  We researched globally to find over 8 million vehicles using CNG as a viable fuel across the world, while the United States sadly lagged behind, blinded by cheap and dirty oil. 

We have run into resistance, but we have remained true to our core vision.  We emerged in 2009 as a company that is no longer an idea or a concept, but a true solution - and not just a solution, but a complete solution. 

There is an incredible amount of work and research standing in the way of anyone searching for a CNG solution.  All of the factors - from vehicles (OEM?  Conversion?) to Fueling Equipment, the tax incentives - all of the pieces are brought together under one solution with Wise Gas, Inc.

We recognize that the tax laws will have to change when America turns to alternative fuels.  The current gasoline tax pays for our roads and bridges and that is a necessary expense.  However, currently alternative fuel users are paying more than gasoline users because of the structure of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Permit in the State of Florida.  We have lobbied for a more level playing field and we expect results. 

We have run into obstacles with prices:  an EPA-certified vehicle conversion is cost prohibitive to anyone not using more than 20 gallons of fuel in the course of a day.  This essentially eliminates all but fleet and government vehicles.  But we didn't let that stop us either - we held extensive conversations with the EPA to understand why this problem exists and we offered a viable solution.  We were contacted by others doing the same and we have aligned to solve the problem. 

We have studied the success and failures of California, Utah and New York.  We have listened to the early adopters and the problems they had in the 80s and 90s.  We took that information to the conversion companies only to learn that technology has improved in the last 20 years.  Imagine that

The next time someone tells you they tried CNG and failed at it because the technology was sub-par, ask them when they tried it.  10 years ago?  20 years ago?  Now consider your cellular phone.  What was mobile phone technology like 10 or 20 years ago?

Yep, technology continues to make great improvements - and those same improvements are to be found in all aspects of CNG-related equipment and vehicles.

 We continued to push.  We have applied for numerous grants that will ease the burden of the early adopters and hope to have relief soon.  We have partnered with utilities and finance companies to make the investment feasible. 

We understand that not everyone will switch for economic reasons; national security, environmental and reduced Middle East cash flow are a few of the reasons we are hearing, whatever brought you to our website, we hope you take the time to discover what you are looking for; Education, Products, Professionals and Services are all here for your review. 

We hope to earn your business because Change does make a Difference.  From the extra change in your pocket that comes from cheaper fuel, to the change in the air quality from a cleaner-burning fuel, the economic change that results from supporting a domestic fuel - we hope you will join us in making a difference today.



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