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Wait a minute…
Natural Gas Vehicles do emit methane which is also a greenhouse gas!  How are they any better?


True…NGV’s are recognized as producing higher methane emissions than gasoline.
Methane emissions from NGV’s should, however, be put in perspective with the largest source of methane emissions in the world, which comes from large ruminating animals - cows, sheep, buffalo and goats


Chewing the cud yields enormous amounts of flammable methane that should, in theory, make cattle vulnerable to unexpected ignition.
• A single cow exhales about 600 liters of methane every day
• Applying EPA assigned emissions deterioration factors, this amounts to useful life emissions of over 80 kg per year CH4, compared with the humble NGV producing about 4kg CH4 per year
• There are about 8 million NGV’s worldwide, compared with 1.3 billion large ruminating animals, so there is really no contest in methane production
Livestock dramatically outperforms NGV’s in making methane