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Wise Gas, Inc. firmly believes that diesel school buses need to be changed.  

In addition to the dangers to the environment and the solid reliance on foreign oil, research shows that the diesel fumes and particulates are a definite danger to children's health.

Toxic chemicals in diesel emissions can increase the risk of asthma, lung and heart disease, and are responsible for as many as 125,000 cancers nationwide.

Diesel fumes can be particularly harmful to children, who face heightened exposure to diesel exhaust from the self-polluting nature of buses, and the tendency of buses to idle during loading and unloading periods. Research has shown that students on school buses are exposed to 5 to 15 times the levels of particulate pollution than at nearby monitoring sites.

Read the report here:  The Harmful Effects of Vehicle Exhaust

Who hasn't been stuck behind a school bus and inhaled a lung full of diesel fumes? 

Have you seen the bus lines at schools when the last bell of the day rings?  A long line of idling school buses with open windows and young children sitting inside waiting for their classmates to board...breathing diesel particulates into their small airways.   

Experiments across the nation in alternative fuel school buses have led us to confirm our belief that this is one instance where the ideal alternative fuel is CNG. 

Biodiesel school buses experienced substantial issues in colder weather when the biodiesel fuel congealed in the tanks and caused early morning nightmares for school transportation.  The solution?  They discovered that the solution to this issue was to let the buses idle overnight in cold weather...

How does a bus idling overnight conserve energy, lower fuel costs or reduce emissions?  Whatever reduced emissions have been accomplished are diminished by the unnecessary idling waste.

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Whether you are looking to convert your existing school buses or buy new ones, Wise Gas can help.  As a total solution provider, we will work with your mechanics or ours to insure a smooth process.

For conversions, we look to replace your International DT466 Engine with a new dedicated CNG engine.

Benefits include:

  Ultra-low emissions

  Excellent torque, high fuel efficiency and reliable, robust performance

  Emerging economic advantages (not a fix, a solution)

  Added driver and passenger comfort with reduced engine noise and odor

  Compliant for local, state and federal government funding

  A replacement of older heavy duty diesel engines (no landfill issues)

  Simply a cleaner and safer solution for the atmosphere, personnel and maintenance facilities


For new buses, we will work with your supplier to make sure you are getting the best value you can get including shipping savings thanks to our nationwide partnerships.