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Sara Neal is the Wise Gas Natural Gas Vehicle expert and can best assist you with your questions on CNG Conversions. 

Wise Gas, Inc. is the North American Distributor for the Italian Zavoli conversion kits.  Our ASE F1 mechanics are prepared to assist you nationwide. 

No two CNG Conversions are alike due to vehicle sizes, makes, models, engine classes and more.  For pricing information, please call Sara at 954-636-4291 or email her directly at sara@wisegasinc.com.  Price quotations include the CNG Conversion kit, the CNG Cylinder, installation and all collateral parts from nuts to bolts.  Whether you are looking to change your gasoline or diesel vehicle, Sara can get you a fast quote on your costs.

We know it's frustrating not to find a price here, but no two conversions are alike.  CNG Cylinder size, Make & Model and Engine Size all matter in pricing.  A good "ballpark" figure to keep in mind is that a large number of our conversions tend to run between $4k - $6k, with many exceptions.  The bulk of the price is in the cost of the CNG Cylinder - but your cylinder has a 20 year lifespan and holds it's value well.

When Sara assists you, she will help you determine a "break even" point for your conversion project and will be able to explain any and all pricing in detail.  We're determined to get you the lowest possible price, but committed to safe and quality conversions. 

Wise Gas works directly with the EPA to ensure our conversions meet the necessary requirements for safety and emissions.

We also would ask you to keep one thing in mind:  CNG Vehicles hold a much greater value than gasoline vehicles and tend to sell and resell for much (much!) higher than traditional Blue Book values - often $4k - $10k higher in cost.  No matter what the model year is!  Converting to CNG is an investment - not only will you save money on gasoline/diesel - but your vehicle will retain a far greater value and your investment is easily returned!