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CNG Fueling Equipment - Used

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CNG Fueling Equipment - Used

Wise Gas, Inc. employs master technicians that have the ability to evaluate and refurbish used CNG fueling equipment to offer lower cost alternatives to customers who are looking to cut corners and fit into a tight budget.

While we always advocate a better return on investment with the security of new equipment, our team understands the need to move ahead with a project in early days with alternative methods.

Whether you need us to scout and provide the used equipment you are seeking or you have used equipment that you are interested in selling or repairing - Wise Gas, Inc. is happy to assist in any way that we can.

Occasionally we will post photos here of available used equipment, however at present time the demand for used equipment exceeds the available equipment and it is 'spoken for' as fast as it comes in.  The used equipment we have on hand is committed to projects at this time.


Wise Gas, Inc.
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Wise Gas is pleased to provide a public forum for users to search or list available used CNG Equipment for trade or sale.  This forum is ONLY for used CNG Equipment and any other postings will be promptly removed.

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