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CNG Fueling Equipment - New

Wise Gas, Inc. has scoured the world to be able to offer our customers the best equipment in the industry.  We have researched and vetted manufacturer's and suppliers to the point of obsession - not only considering the quality of the equipment, but identifying which qualify for the Buy American programs, ensuring the corporations are solid and able to offer a high level of support and that warranties and components meet our very strict standards.

While it may seem as simple as partnering with others in the industry, we wanted to go beyond that and offer a level of absolute confidence to our customers that the products we supply are the very best.

Wise Gas supplies new and high-quality CNG Fueling Equipment from compressors, dispensers and hoses to card readers and more.  We only use the most trusted suppliers with full product support.

The below is a sampling of our Product Line, but is not representative of every product we offer.

Contact Wise Gas, Inc for Information on Compressors


Click to View Information and Specs on Dispensers

Fleet Time-Filling with CNG
Contact Wise Gas, Inc. for Information on Fleet Time Fill Options



Home Refueling:  The Phill
Click here for more information on the Phill



Hoses, Nozzles, Replacement Parts & Components
Contact Wise Gas, Inc. for Information on Hoses, Nozzles & Components



CNG Storage Spheres
Contact Wise Gas, Inc. for Information on CNG Storage


Card Reader & Wise Gas Fuel Card
Contact Wise Gas, Inc. for Information on Card Reader



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