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Wise Gas, Inc. offers the best CNG Maintenance and Repair Service in the State of Florida.  If our expert technicians can't fix it - it can not be fixed.   Likewise, if you've been told it "can't be fixed" by anyone else - let us give it a look.  We've resurrected long dead and dormant equipment to functionality!

Our CNG Maintenance contracts offer CNG Equipment owners the best value.  Your equipment is inspected and checked for proper function, fluid levels and condition is carefully scrutinized.  More often than not, this attention will keep your equipment functioning at it's best for many years.  When you can identify a potential malfunction before it occurs you can save thousands in repairs.

Repairs become a necessary part of the lifecycle of any equipment involving moving parts.  Our technicians are highly trained and skilled and ready to come to your aid in the event of a problem. 

For help with your CNG Equipment or to discuss a maintenance contract, please call our office at (954)-636-4291 or info@wisegasinc.com.