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Important notice:  As of March 2012, the manufacturer is undergoing some changes in how the distributorships work, how units are serviced and more - and as a result, our sales of the Phill are on hold.  We hope to have an update very soon for you.

Phill by FuelMaker allows you to refuel your Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) from the safety and convenience of your own home directly from your home's natural gas line.  Refueling could not be simpler. 

When your vehicle is not is use (ideally overnight) you simply plug Phill in to your car, press "Start" and Phill will do the rest!  Relax and enjoy your evening.  When your tank is full, Phill will even safely shut itself off for you.

Using Phill does more than just save money.  Phill is quiet (producing no more noise than an air conditioning unit), convenient, safe, economical (using no more electricity than a small appliance), flexible for indoor or outdoor installation and compact.

Wise Gas, Inc. even offers potential programs which allow customers

FuelMaker has been designing, manufacturing and installing award winning Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA) for the refueling of Natural Gas Powered fleet vehicles, forklifts, and ice resurfacers since 1989.  The company has sold over 10,000 units worldwide and has used this innovative technology in the design and manufacturing of the first affordable, Home Refueling Appliance (HRA): Phill.


A prototype of Phill was unveiled at the World Natural Gas Vehicle Conference 2002 in Washington, D.C. through a joint press conference between Honda and FuelMaker. Since then, FuelMaker has been refining and testing this original design, improving it into the version that is now available.



Mechanical Dimensions: 30 x 14 x 13 (HxWxD).
Weight: Approximately 85 lbs.
Ambient Temperature Rating: -40 F to +115 F.
Noise Level: 45 dBA at 16.5 ft in open field conditions.

Electrical Electrical Supply: 240 VAC / 60 HZ.
Electrical Consumption During Fueling: 0.8kwh (average).
General Purpose Electrical Rating.

Flow Rate: 0.42 Gasoline Gallon Equivalent / hr.
Inlet Pressure: 0.25 to 0.50 psig.

Outlet Pressure: 3600 psig compensated to 70F.

Integrated Gas Dryer.
NGV 1 Approved Nozzle (one hand operation).
Fill Hose Length 12 Ft Reach.
Can Be Used For Indoor and Outdoor Applications.



Phill Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Phill?
    is a natural gas Home Refueling Appliance (HRA) designed for use with consumer vehicles in residential environments.

  • How long does Phill take to fill a vehicle?
    On average it will take approximately 4 hours to replenish the fuel consumed in 80 km / 50 miles of driving based on a vehicle consumption rate of 30 mpg.  The ideal refueling scenario is to plug it in overnight.  With the automatic shut-off feature, this is convenient, safe and most efficient.

  • How much electricity does Phill use?
    At 800 watts, Phill uses less electricity than most small kitchen appliances.

  • How much does Phill weigh?
    Phill weighs approximately 95 lbs.

  • Is Phill designed to be installed indoors or outdoors?
    Phill is designed to be installed either in a garage, a carport, or outdoors.

  • Can Phill be used with well gas?
    No. Phill is designed and certified for use with pipeline quality natural gas only.

  • What are the installation requirements?
    Phill needs to be securely fastened to a surface that can support at least 45 kg. / 100 lbs.  Phill is connected to a 240 volt electrical circuit and connects to residential natural gas supply lines.  If installed inside a garage, the unit must be vented outdoors.  In all cases installation must comply with applicable building codes and regulations.

  • How long will Phill run?
    Phill is designed to run for approximately 6000 hours of use at which time it can be remanufactured. This can be done a maximum of 3 times, extending its life to 24,000 hours of operation.

  • Where can I buy Phill?
    As of March 2012, the manufacturer is undergoing some changes in how the distributorships work.  We hope to have an update very soon for you.

  • How much is the Phill?
    The price can vary from dealer to dealer and occasionally the manufacturer increases the price.  A good estimate is around $4500.00.