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Wise Gas, Inc. is pleased to offer comprehensive services in the area of Education.  Whatever your specific need is, we have the most dynamic team ready to exceed your expectations.


Wise Gas, Inc. has a diverse and experienced team that can offer detailed consulting to station owners, fleet owners or more.   Our team is comprised of ASE F1 Certified Mechanics, Certified Technicians for Fueling Equipment, Business Development Experts, Certified Grant Writers and More...

There truly is no other company in our local industry with such a robust team available to meet your needs.  When it comes to analyzing all of the option, you want Wise Gas, Inc. to assist with your alternative fuel consulting needs.  Contact us at info@wisegasinc.com or call (954)-636-4291 for more information.


Wise Gas, Inc. offers multiple training courses for individuals and mechanics interested in working in the alternative fuels industry, fleet managers and staff, drivers, station owners/operators and first responders.

In the very near future we will be adding a training curriculum to this website.  In the meantime, training is done "on demand".

For more information, please contact us at info@wisegasinc.com or call (954)-636-4291.

Professional Speaking:

  • Jeff Greene - (speaking resume available upon request)
    • Jeff's natural eloquence and warm, engaging style of speaking is quick to capture the attention of audiences of any size.

For more information on Wise Gas, Inc. Public Speaking, please contact info@wisegasinc.com or call (954)-636-4291.