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Wise Gas takes pride in maintaining your station or training your maintenance staff to adequately take care of the equipment you select. 

As Wise Gas was instrumental in reviving the CNG industry in Florida we have been able to see what a lack of adequate maintenance can do to equipment.  Without proper care, systems can become unreliable and potentially dangerous. 

Wise Gas goes above and beyond to insure that your investment is not only safe but also dependable.  We understand that as this market develops ANY problem can be viewed as a roadblock to adoption.  Wise Gas strives to make sure that everyone is aware of the maintenance schedule, technicians are properly trained and capable and expectations are met or exceeded.  A small investment in maintenance can keep your equipment operation for 10-20 years without any major issues.  Improperly maintained equipment can last half that or less depending on conditions.

The typical customer performs the daily and weekly inspection and counts on us for quarterly and annual inspections and maintenance, however, we can accommodate your plans to make sure we meet your needs.

Wise Gasí philosophy is that change makes a difference, and we are changing customer service to reflect the way we think you should be treated: with respect, honesty and integrity.