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Wise Gas, Inc. is the proud creator of the Wise Gas Fuel Key which will be released for use at all public Wise Gas CNG Stations and all stations managed by Wise Gas.

The purpose of the card is primarily to protect public CNG Stations from incurring liability, but offers significant safety protection to the card holder as well.

The information obtained from applicants will be strictly concerned with the legality of car and driver - there is NO CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED.  The only verifications will be of licensed drivers, vehicle conversion verification (to ensure compliance with EPA and NHTSA regulations), state Alternative Fuel Permit  and vehicle insurance information.

Did you know that in the State of Florida it is illegal for anyone to sell CNG fuel to someone for use in a vehicle that was illegally converted?  Did you know it is illegal to sell CNG fuel to someone without a State of Florida Alternative Fuel Permit?

When you purchase gasoline, a portion of the price is taxes (city, county & state) which funds the development and maintenance of roads, highways, etc.  CNG is not currently taxed on a per GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent)) basis and therefore is technically not taxed at the pump.  However, the State of Florida presently requires an Alternative Fuel Vehicle permit be purchased annually - a process which essentially "prepays" the same taxes upfront.

(Note:  Wise Gas as a corporation DOES presently feel that this policy needs to be revised, however we adhere to current legislation even as we work hard to change and improve it for the future!)

The Wise Gas Fuel Key certainly goes to great lengths to protect a public CNG station owner, however this policy and process is in place for your protection too.  You can trust that we have done our due diligence to ensure that safer alternative fuel vehicles are on the roads of your city and that you won't be likely to find yourself fueling next to someone with an improperly/illegally converted vehicle which could be extremely dangerous.

In the past, the horror stories were truly frightening.  People trying to fill propane tanks with CNG and creating rocketing bombs which shot through and penetrated a concrete wall barrier.  (Propane and CNG have EXTREMELY different psi and a propane tank can NOT safely hold CNG compressed to thousands of psi vs. hundreds.)  Leaking tanks which were not approved caused illnesses in Utah.  Explosions have occurred in Pakistan.  While CNG is by far a safer fuel than gasoline or diesel, there are basic safety requirements (just as with gasoline!) which users must be familiar with.  Therefore, it is to EVERYONE'S benefit that the illegal conversions are "curbed".

For more information on the Wise Gas Fuel Key  - contact us!